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BioFlo PICC Endexo and PASV Valve Technology-Valved

BioFlo PICC Endexo Technology Non-Valved



Beckman Coulter PK Range

Diagast QWALYS Evo

Manual Range ABO Reagents

Manual Range Anti-D TOTEM


Epiclone™ Anti-C3d - Monoclonal Reagent





General Surgery


Interventional Radiology


Endotracheal Tube (cuffed) 7.5mm

Endotracheal Tube (Plain) 4.5mm


What makes FibroScan® unique ?

Powered by LSM by VCTE™, CAP™ and SSM by VCTE™ for liver fibrosis, liver steatosis and portal hypertension assessment.


When evidence matters and consistency counts

  • Pioneer in the field of liver elastography
  • FibroScan® produces biomarkers that can assess and monitor patients over time 
  • FibroScan® uses uniform algorithms that minimize inter-operator variability and eliminate inter-system variability 
  • 6,500+FibroScan® installed worldwide enabling millions of liver examinations 
  • Winner of the Red Dot Design Award (FibroScan® Mini+ 430 model)

FibroScan 530 Compact

FibroScan 630 Expert

FibroScan Expert 630

FibroScan® Mini+ 430


Intercept Blood System


Evomed Specimen Retrieval Bag

Evomed Trocars

Evomed Veress Needle


Nova Hepar-P-Forte 500mg Caplet

Nova Hepar-P 250mg Capsule


Epiclone™ Anti-C - Monoclonal Phenotyping Reagent

Epiclone™ Anti-Cw - Monoclonal Phenotyping Reagent

Epiclone™ Anti-DCE - Monoclonal Phenotyping Reagent

Epiclone™ Anti-e - Monoclonal Phenotyping Reagent

Epiclone™ Anti-Jka - Monoclonal Phenotyping Reagent

Smart Port+ Titanium


Smart Port Plastic With Polyurethane Catheter

Smart Port+ Plastic With BioFlo Catheter


Bovine Albumin 30% Solution

Celpresol™ - Red Cell Preservative Solution

Celpresol™ LISS - Red Cell Preservative Solution



Evomed Circular Stapler

Evomed Circular Stapler for Hemorrhoids

Evomed Linear Stapler And Reloads


Linovera 30ml

Prontosan Gel 30ml

Prontosan® Wound Gel X (250G)

Prontosan® Wound Irrigation Solution 350ml / 1L


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