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FibroScan® Expert 630

Nov 14, 2022
FibroScan® Expert 630
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Expand clinical capabilities

The new spleen stiffness measurement (SSM by VCTE™) and the embedded ultrasound localization system enable risk stratification of patients with advanced chronic liver disease and portal hypertension.

SSM by VCTE™ is unique, patented and validated for portal hypertension assessment4. It is a new marker for non-invasive evaluation of spleen stiffness. 109 peer-reviewed publications support the use of SSM by VCTE™.

LSM by VCTE™ is unique, patented and validated for liver fibrosis assessment. It is the standard for non-invasive evaluation of liver stiffness1 with 3,245 international peer-reviewed publications.

CAP is unique patented and validated for liver steatosis assessment2,3 with 822 international peer-reviewed publications.
*CAP is available as an option.

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