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Smart Port+ Plastic With BioFlo Catheter

Smart Port+ Plastic With BioFlo Catheter

The Smart Port+ Plastic have a Vortex design port reservoir with the VORTEXTM technology. This technology allows fluid to reach all surfaces in the chamber, helping eliminate dead spaces, resist sludge build-up, and reduce occlusions.
The Smart Port+ Plastic utilise BioFlo catheters with ENDEXO™ technoology. ENDEXO™ is a polymer that, when fully incorporated into the catheter base resin material (Carbothane), passively reduces the accumulation of thrombus.
The Smart Port+ Plastic device also offered in a low-profile Plastic port body configuration with a 6F or 8F single lumen polyurethane catheter. Both the BioFlo and polyurethane catheters are radiopaque. When used with power injectable needles, the port is indicated for power injection of contrast media. For power injection of contrast media, the maximum recommended infusion rate setting is 5 mL/s with 19G or 20G non-coring power injectable needles or 2 mL/s with a 22G non-coring power injectable needle.
The catheters are rated for use with common commercially available power injectors up to settings of 300 psi. The advantages of the use of power injection as opposed to manual injection have been reported in numerous imaging studies. The catheters are provided with a shaft length of 63 cm for 6F and 8F and 45 cm for 5F (trimmable by the user to accommodate clinical need), and are compatible with a 0.038” J-tip guidewire for over the wire delivery method. The catheters are marked in 1-cm incremental markings throughout the length with numeric markings every 5 cm. The catheters are provided pre-attached or unattached.

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